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Maidstone Recruitment Agency providing
Recruitment Consultants services throughout the UK

Austin Turner Ross is a specialist Sales Recruitment organisation and Sales Consultancy Practice, we help our clients build high performing sales teams by recruiting high calibre Sales Professionals for them across a number of key industry sectors. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants have helped a wide variety of candidates take the next step in their sales career. To contact in confidence our Austin Turner Ross Recruitment Consultants for the Maidstone and surrounding area, please call Austin Turner Ross Ltd on 0844 2577 888.

Maidstone is located in the heart of Kent based and based on the 2011 census had a population of 113,137, about 73 per cent of the population of the borough. Historically, its economy has changed over the years from being involved in heavy industry, to more light industry and service industries and was at one time a centre of industry, brewing and paper making being among the most important. The river was a source and route for much of the town's trade as the centre of the agricultural county of Kent, known as the Garden of England, many residents are now employed in the retail, administrative or service sectors and there are many industrial estates around the town providing employment. Due to the excellent transport connections including the M20 and Rail Service many locals commute to other surround towns, including London to work still allowing them to live in one of the best weather climates within the UK. Based on the findings from an Adzuna's study published in the “This is” website this city is the tenth best place to look for work in the UK, with 3.16 jobseekers for every vacancy.

Maidstone is a great place to live and work and our Recruitment Consultants will be happy to advise you on the Recruitment Agency services we provide and help if you have any questions.

Austin Turner Ross as a specialist Sales Recruitment Agency providing Recruitment Consultant services is an equal opportunities provider.


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